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Much More

by Franklin Kirksey
Romans 5:1-21


Much more is the theme of Romans chapter 5.  Please note the phrase “much more.”  Dr. Woodrow Kroll, Senior Bible Teacher for the international media ministry Back to the Bible, Lincoln, Nebraska, comments, “The comparative of choice for the apostle Paul was the Greek poll? mallon, meaning ‘much more’ or ‘all the more.’  It was a favorite of Paul’s when he wanted to show that one thing was much greater than another.  Paul uses this comparative expression not less than five times in Romans 5 (vv. 9, 10, 15, 17, 20).  He also used it twice in Romans 11, comparing God’s benefits to the Jews and the Gentile nations (vv. 12, 24).  Paul uses it elsewhere frequently in his epistles: see 1 Cor. 6:3; 12:22; 2 Cor. 3:9, 11; 8:22; Phil. 1:14; 2:12; Philem. 1:16.”[1]    

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Owies and Empathy

by Walker Moore

Today, I’ve been sitting at my computer and thinking. But I’m not good at sitting. I want to be out and about, interacting with people. And I’m really not good at thinking. Do you know how hard it is and how much energy it takes? It’s probably a good thing I’m sitting while I’m thinking. After using all that energy to think, I don’t have any left to stand up.

Right now, I’m sitting here thinking about this column. For years, I’ve called it "Rite of Passage Parenting,” but in reality it should be called, “What Walker’s Thinking as he Sits in Front of His Computer.” But no one would read a column with that title. Maybe I should call it “Walker's Ramblings.” That would be a more accurate label.

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A Case Study of Media and Doctrine, Part One: Jeffress, Collins, Tebow, and Doyel’s Quest for Fifteen More Minutes

by Johnathan Pritchett

Here's how it works: posts a story about how CBS sports writer Gregg Doyel is attacking Dr. Robert Jeffress (pastor FBC Dallas) again in his latest article regarding NBA player Jason Collins announcing to the world that he is a homosexual. Sure enough, the entire story ran on Doyel versus Jeffress is based on a toss away line that Doyel launched at Jeffress, which was a mere throwback to the article that basically made this sports writer famous when he launched a tirade at NFL quarterback and outspoken Christian Tim Tebow regarding his planned appearance to speak at FBC Dallas. Now, what is important here is that the toss away line aimed at Jeffress was at the very end of his recent article regarding Collins, and yet,, and others, have written entire stories focusing on Doyel criticizing Jeffress, FBC Dallas, and their views.

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Paed-Day Someday?

By: Ron F. Hale

Opening Explanation:  The author is seeking to use the title of a classic sermon by Dr. R. G. Lee[1] (1886-1978) entitled Pay-Day Someday, while connecting the hybrid word (above) to the potential problem of receiving as church members those coming from other faith traditions that practice Paedobaptism[2] (baptism of infants) or affusion (sprinkling or pouring) without teaching them the NT truths of believer’s baptism by immersion and membership requirements.

Southern Baptists have always believed that the baptism of infants cannot be supported historically or doctrinally in the OT or NT; nor has it been espoused by our statements of faith.  Furthermore, we have never tried to make the case that certain rituals from the OT (i.e. circumcision) should serve as a NT symbol or sacrament.

Southern Baptists have never been Paedobaptists!  We have heard all the educated elucidations of the Princeton tradition, and read the writings of Luther, Wesley, and the popes of Rome and all of them put together have never been able to shake our resolve that we have indeed gotten this one right.   We are baptizers and we immerse people after they have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ. This is who we are and what we do!

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