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Prayers, sympathy and condolence to Rick and Kay Warren

The staff of SBCToday expresses our deep sympathy for the Warren family in the loss of their son, Matthew. We know that God’s comfort, peace and consolation are exceedingly sufficient for his children regarding whatever this earthly life renders.

Our prayer is for the Warrens to know these ministries of God as they never before have.


One Man’s Suggestions for Calvinists and Non-Calvinists, Part 2

by Ronnie Rogers

Non-Calvinism’s challenge is to develop systematic theologies and comprehensive systematic interpretive approaches that seek to explain the soteriological perplexities of Scripture biblically, consistently, and comprehensively.

This suggestion is not intended to depreciate nor ignore works in this area (particularly some superb individual books addressing various aspects of Calvinism), but rather to draw attention to the need for considerably more to be done. I am primarily thinking of theologies that can be used in SBC theological training of students and pastors who, when aware of the disquieting realities of Calvinism, reject Calvinism.

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One Man’s Suggestions for Calvinists and Non-Calvinists

by Ronnie Rogers

Although I no longer don the Calvinist label, I do continue to recognize the system of thought as an option within historic Christianity as well as Southern Baptist life. Further, I have no interest in personally attacking my Calvinist brothers' and sisters' devotion, piety, or love for God and His word, for I do sincerely believe that most Calvinists are truth seekers. I do not wish to expel Calvinists nor to be expelled by them from SBC life, but rather to suggest and take some substantive steps to help all of us know God better. I assume that is what the vast majority of those of us in this discussion truly desire; although, there is obvious disagreement in how to accomplish this quest.

In order to continue to move our discussions toward lucidity in both articulation and understanding of our various theological perspectives, I would like to suggest implementing the following ideas within Southern Baptist life. My suggestions are drawn from my life as a Southern Baptist, which include both the perspective I gained in my years as a Calvinist and now my post-Calvinist reflections. While I view my suggestions as necessary, I also view them as partial and modifiable. I believe that some of the steps should be implemented immediately, while others are clearly long term goals that may take years. I offer my suggestions with no more credentials than being a rather obscure but concerned Southern Baptist.

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Ten Traits of a Southern Baptist president

RickPatrickBy Dr. Rick Patrick
Senior Pastor
Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church
Hueytown, Alabama

Apart from prayer, the most direct way to impact the Southern Baptist Convention is to vote for a president who will guide it in the direction one believes to be consistent with the will of God. The right president appoints the right people to move the convention in the right direction. This essay is not a reaction directed at current or former leadership. Rather, it proactively seeks to identify SBC presidential qualifications going forward.

Fairly certain our current officers will be re-elected to a second term in Houston, I am outlining here some general guidelines for future SBC elections. The timing of my suggestions, outside of an election season, is designed to eliminate suspicions regarding the endorsement of any specific candidate. These Ten Traits reflect my personal convictions regarding the kind of candidate I could most enthusiastically embrace.

Unfortunately, the brief nomination speeches rarely provide the information I need to make such a decision. They generally discuss the candidate in terms that could almost apply to any minister in the convention. I want to know more than that. When I vote in American elections, I know about a candidate's platform and vision concerning where they plan to lead us. In SBC elections, I want to know the very same thing.

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