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Back in the day

April 21, 2013

by Walker Moore
– founder and president of AweStar Ministries, a teen missions organization that has taken thousands of young people around the world for the sake of growing missions-minded hearts, the Gospel, and lost souls.

I remember watching a grainy black-and-white movie years ago on our tiny DuMont television. The cabinet, the size of a small refrigerator, held a screen that glowed like a Cyclops. Sitting on top was the rabbit-ears antenna, stretched out and trying its best to pull in a signal. All this modern technology astounded us.

I don’t remember much about the movie, but I know it featured a young man who was transported into the future. The changes he found there amazed and bewildered both him and his audience. Looking back, I have to laugh. His future and our present turned out to be nothing alike. Continue reading

When the Changed Lives and Broken Hearts Are Yours

April 19, 2013

Mission Trip Reflections
by Rick Patrick

After investing our Spring Break on a mission trip to Aguascalientes, Mexico–a desert city of nearly one million people–our mission team of ten church members will never be the same. It is challenging to reduce to words the waves of emotion and brokenness one feels when immersed in a culture that celebrates death, deifies Mary and places faith in the practice of witchcraft. After briefly describing four days of activities, I will share a few general observations regarding this field and offer some personal reflections. Continue reading

Words for Worship Leaders (and the rest of us)

April 17, 2013

by Johnathan Pritchett

Thank goodness the battle over hymns vs. praise choruses is just about over, a few diehards notwithstanding. Not only is it way past time to move on from that discussion, but it is time to start discussing more important matters — universal matters that should always be a part of the ongoing conversation when it comes to music in the church. Continue reading