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Archive for March, 2013

Going Home

  By Walker Moore Walker Moore founded AweStar Ministries, a missions organization that has put thousands of teens on fields ‘white unto harvest’ around the world. They say home is where the heart is. And if you asked me where my home is, I’d have to say, “Chillicothe, Missouri.” Chillicothe isn’t a very big place, […]

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by Ronnie Rogers Ronnie Rogers is senior pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Okla. It is important to recognize that the phrase ‘a wall of separation’ does not appear in the Declaration of Independence[1] or the Constitution.[2] As is rather well known, it is a phrase used by Thomas Jefferson in his 1802 missive […]

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Soul Winner: Dexter Truesdale

by Dan Nelson For 28 years, Dan Nelson has served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Camarillo, Calif. Pastor Nelson will submit a series of posts to SBCToday about people who influenced him for the sake of evangelism. When I arrived at William Carey College in the fall of 1971, I was anxious to […]

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Täuferjäger: Anabaptist Hunters

by Ron Hale He has served as Pastor, Church Planter, Strategist (NAMB), Director of Missions, and Associate Executive Director of Evangelism and Church Planting for a State Convention, and now in the 4th quarter of ministry as Minister of Missions. Early Anabaptists upset the apple cart of medieval — early modern Europe as they contended for […]

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A Child’s View of the Marriage Vows

Holy Humor by Dr. Bob Rogers   Eight-year-old Tad (not his real name) watched with wide-eyed amazement as his parents renewed their marriage vows. Tad’s mom and dad were not alone. I had been preaching a series of sermons on marriage, so I concluded the last sermon on commitment to a lifelong covenant by inviting […]

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