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Preparing for The Cross

February 23, 2013

By Walker Moore

Walker Moore founded AweStar Ministries, a missions organization that has put thousands of teens on fields ‘white unto harvest’ around the world.

I just finished my fifth week of training for my climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. In a gym, I always feel like a fish out of water. I didn’t like gym classes as a child, and I don’t like them any better as an adult.

Last week after a hard day at work, I went to the gym where I jumped up and down, made sucking noises like a Hoover vacuum sweeper, twisted, turned, groaned and perspired for an hour … and that was just so I could put on my gym clothes. Then the trainer put me on the treadmill for my cardio warm-ups. After about a minute there, I knew something didn’t feel right. I put my hand into the pocket of my gym shorts, but it didn’t slide in as usual. And that’s when I realized I had my shorts on backwards. Continue reading

Interview with Dr. Adam Harwood

February 19, 2013

Harwood2In the weeks preceding this year’s John 3.16 Conference (see ad to right), SBCToday will post interviews with each person scheduled to speak at the Conference.

The following interview is with Dr. Adam Harwood, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies, Truett-McConnell College, Cleveland, Georgia.

1. How has the invitation to speak at the conference impacted you?

I am honored that Dr. Vines extended the invitation and have been praying, thinking, writing, and rewriting my presentation for several months.


2. How important is this conference in light of the current climate within the SBC?

In recent years, there have been other conferences on the topic of Calvinism in the SBC–including the John 3:16 Conference in 2008. Next month’s conference will provide an opportunity for Southern Baptists to hear theological viewpoints peaceably articulated in order to advance this important discussion within the SBC family. Continue reading

In defense of “God of Earth and Outer Space”

February 18, 2013


johnathan_pritchettby Jonathan Pritchett

God of earth and outer space, God of love and God of grace, Bless the astronauts who fly. As they soar beyond the sky. God who flung the stars in space, God who set the sun ablaze, Fling the spacecraft thro the air, Let man know your presence there.

God of atmosphere and air, God of life and planets bare, Use man’s courage and his skill As he seeks your holy will. God of depth and God of height, God of darkness, God of light, As man walks in outer space, Teach him how to walk in grace.

God of man’s exploring mind, God of wisdom, God of time, Launch us from complacency To a world in need of thee. God of power, God of might, God of rockets firing bright. Hearts ignite and thrust within, Love for Christ to share with men.

God of earth and outer space, God who guides the human race, Guide the lives of seeking youth In their search for heavnly truth. God who reigns below, above, God of universal love, Love that gave Nativity, Love that gave us Calvary.

It is very popular for people to bag on this wonderful gem of a song from the older Baptist hymnals. It has been labeled the “worst hymn ever”, “stupidest hymn ever”, etc. Actually, it is nothing of the sort…

Not by a long shot. Continue reading