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Walking on Water When You Feel Like You’re Drowning
Book Review

Walking on Water When You Feel Like You’re Drowning (Tyndale, 2012) by Tommy Nelson & Steve Leavitt A book review by Michael Staton, pastor, First Baptist Church, Mustang, Okla. ( In my 19 years of serving on a pastoral team, I have spent countless hours ministering to people as they shared their problems, concerns and […]

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All People Everywhere Should Repent

A Biblical Critique of Calvinism Part 10: The Repentance Aspect of the Gospel Invitation by Dr. Michael A. Cox, Pastor of First Baptist Church in Pryor, Oklahoma, and author of Not One Little Child: A Biblical Critique of Calvinism ————————————– This is the thirteenth of a series of articles by Dr. Cox, with a Biblical critique of […]

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Late Shift Evangelism and Outreach

By Johnathan Pritchett We often hear two things about the economy. These days, the first thing you are likely to hear is that the economy is bad. This may be a temporary condition that could get better. The other thing, which is more often heard about the economy in general during any climate is that […]

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Reply to Jon Akin-Part 2

By Dr. Eric Hankins, pastor First Baptist Church, Oxford, Miss. As I said in my previous post, I appreciate greatly Jon’s desire to make a friendly reply to my blog post that also deals honestly with the places where we differ. In this post and the next, I will address the content of his critique. […]

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Keep Calm and Carry On

By Franklin L. Kirksey, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Spanish Fort, Alabama, and author of Sound Biblical Preaching: Giving the Bible a Voice. These expositions by Dr. Kirksey are offered to suggest sermon or Bible study ideas for pastors and other church leaders, both from the exposition and from the illustrative material, or simply for […]