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Soul winner: Lawrence Baylot

October 17, 2012

by Dan Nelson

For 28 years, Dan Nelson has served as pastor of First Baptist Church in Camarillo, Calif. Pastor Nelson will submit a series of posts to SBCToday about people who influenced him for the sake of evangelism.


I thank the Lord I grew up in a soul-winning church and my first example as a pastor was a soul-winning pastor: Lawrence Baylot. I was only about nine when Brother Baylot became our pastor at Agricola Baptist Church. He only stayed for maybe three years or more before going to another church as Pastor. Those three years were memorable in our life and in the Agricola Baptist Church. My Dad was our Junior Boys Sunday school teacher and he challenged us to study the Bible and made the lessons fun.

Brother Baylot hit Agricola like a whirlwind. He scheduled Revival meetings, made visitation a priority and personally led many to Christ in their homes. He was an example of what I thought a pastor should be. He was a dynamic pastor who would make the Bible come alive in his preaching and teaching. His stories and knowledge of scripture as a young pastor were impressive. Continue reading

“A Reply to Some Comments on My Eight Posts
on Dr. Ascol’s chapter in Whomever He Wills”

October 16, 2012

David L. Allen
Dean, School of Theology and Professor of Preaching
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Fort Worth, Texas

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As I have read the comments regarding my posts on Dr. Ascol’s chapter, I thought it might be helpful to respond for clarification’s sake. First, I will offer a few summary statements as to the main points I was attempting to make in these posts. Second, I will attempt to respond to questions and/or statements made specifically about what I wrote. I will not be responding to tangent comments that are not directly germane to the content of my posts. Third, I will attempt to speak to questions asked directly to me that I have not already answered in the comment thread. Continue reading

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