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Framers of TS remove signatory list

The editors of SBC Today would like to take this opportunity thank all of those who have supported “A Statement of the Traditional Southern Baptist Understanding of God’s Plan of Salvation” with their signatures. Your willingness to publicly affirm the Statement in this way greatly assisted in communicating to the SBC that there is a […]

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George W. Truett: 1929

As the time of the Memphis Convention (1929) drew near, Dr. Truett was greatly troubled. He knew that above all else it was important that his people be summoned to earnest prayer and to renewed spiritual emphasis. The following prayer of his for the approaching Memphis Convention was printed by the magazine, Home and Foreign […]

Why today’s Calvinism concerns me.

Tim Guthrie is Senior Pastor at Arlington Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tenn. (Ed.’s note. This is a post from Tim Guthrie’s blog [see] and is re-posted here in a slightly edited form. Tim is a frequent commentor at I have debated writing this post for some time. The reality that anything written can […]

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Reforming the Deacons (Part 4):
More than 40 Acts of Service

  By Joe McKeever, Preacher, Cartoonist, Pastor, and retired Director of Missions at the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans     Today’s post continues a series of articles concerning the ministry of deacons in the local church. To see the earlier articles in this series by Dr. McKeever, click on the following links to […]

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Discussion vs. Debate:
A model for SBCToday commentary, and wherever Christians assemble to talk theology

Norm Miller is the director of communications and marketing at Truett-McConnell College. Discussion vs. Debate: The title itself invites both its subjects. Honestly, to which are we most prone? There, I did it again: invited either a discussion or debate or both. Webster defines a discussion as an informal debate, and a formal debate as […]

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