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A Biblical Critique of Calvinism Part 2a:
Old Testament Scriptures Teaching the Optional Nature of the Gospel Invitation

July 27, 2012

Dr. Michael A. Cox
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Pryor, Oklahoma, and author of

Not One Little Child: A Biblical Critique of Calvinism

This is the fourth of a series of articles by Dr. Cox, with a Biblical critique of Calvinism drawn in part from his book Not One Little Child.

Teachings espousing a limited freewill simply do not square either with Scripture or with life experience. Man does have options, both godly and ungodly (Prov. 1:29). Regarding election, Thom Rainer says that anyone who is lost forfeits salvation because of his or her own disobedience, not because of election or predestination.1 He acknowledges that a tension exists between humanity’s freewill and God’s sovereign choice and asserts that election is a sovereign, eternal decree from God which involves the choice of people to be the recipients of grace and salvation.2 I am comfortable saying that if election is understood as to service, it is extended to some; but if election is understood as to salvation, it is extended to all.

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Perseverance or Preservation?

July 26, 2012

By Rev. Bill Harrell, Senior Pastor, Abilene Baptist Church, Martinez, Georgia. A native of Tifton, Georgia, Rev. Harrell came to Abilene in January of 1981. He is married to the former Carolyn Gibbs, also of Tifton. They have three daughters.

Recently, while in a discussion about the pervasive influence of Calvinism in our Southern Baptist Zion, I was surprised when I heard the term “preservation” when referring to the fifth point of that theological model. I had noticed that others also made this mistake and didn’t seem to notice the error. In a very subtle way, I brought the error to the writer’s attention, and he was most grateful for the fact that I had done so. Some might ask why get so picky about such a thing? Everyone knows what my friend was referring to and trying to say.

Not so quick. There is a world of difference between perseverance and preservation and we must not confuse the two. The core difference is that perseverance is a MAN work and preservation is a GOD gift. One is earthly and the other is heavenly. One is a work and the other is a gift. One man can do, and the other only God can perform. Continue reading