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Maryland pastor returns The Gospel Project curriculum to LifeWay because of Calvinistic overtones.

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“The more we read and studied the curriculum, the more convinced we have become that this curriculum is not suitable for use here at Calvary. I am greatly disappointed because there is nothing wrong with healthy dialogue and wrestling with theological issues. But when a curriculum is designed to teach only one side of the issue, it is no longer a healthy debate but indoctrination; and we cannot allow that indoctrination to take place here at Calvary.”


Instantaneous or Progressive Regeneration?

By Bob Hadley, Pastor of Westside Baptist Church in Daytona Beach, Florida, and Chancellor of Atlantic Coast Bible College and Seminary. refers to statements made by R.C. Sproul in an excerpt from his book, The Mystery of the Holy Spirit. Sproul makes the following statements concerning regeneration in salvific process.

One of the most dramatic moments in my life for the shaping of my theology took place in a seminary classroom. One of my professors went to the blackboard and wrote these words in bold letters: “Regeneration Precedes Faith”

In this scheme of things, the initiative falls with us. To be sure, God had sent Jesus to die on the cross before I ever heard the gospel. But once God had done these things external to me, I thought the initiative for appropriating salvation was my job.

These words were a shock to my system. I had entered seminary believing that the key work of man to effect rebirth was faith. I thought that we first had to believe in Christ in order to be born again. I use the words in order here for a reason. I was thinking in terms of steps that must be taken in a certain sequence. I had put faith at the beginning. The order looked something like this:

"Faith - rebirth -justification."

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Racism of a few besmirches all of us

Norm Millerby Norm Miller

Norm Miller is the director of communications and marketing at Truett-McConnell College.

The election of Fred Luter as the SBC’s first African-American president brought affirming nods from secular and religious media.

But the racism of a few members of the First Baptist Church in Crystal Springs, Miss., continues to garner condemnation from neighbors, local and national media, and from FaceBookers who are not so friendly in their remarks on the church’s FB page.

At issue is the wedding of an African-American couple -- Charles and Te'Andrea Wilson, who attend the church – who were told only one day before their announced and planned wedding that they’d have to be married elsewhere. FBC Crystal Springs would not be available. The church was available, however, for the wedding’s rehearsal two days previous.

Pastor Stan Weatherford told local news media that those in the church who objected to the wedding were but a very few. However, this group of a very few – reportedly, five or six -- apparently hold enough power that they allegedly threatened to fire the pastor if he performed the ceremony at the predominantly White, historic church.

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Southern Baptist Identity:
An Evangelical Denomination Faces the Future

David S. Dockery, Ed., Southern Baptist Identity: An Evangelical Denomination Faces the Future. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books 2009. Pp. 304. $19.99. Paperback.

It has often been said that, thanks to the battles of the last generation in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to return the convention to a commitment to biblical inerrancy, we can be grateful that theological discussions in the SBC can be conducted on that basis. We do not spend our time debating and arguing the veracity of the creation narrative or whether the teachings of Paul on gender roles and homosexuality are culturally conditioned. We have been set free to have robust theological debate on the basis of a firm reliance on scripture, and our disagreements are family ones among brothers and sisters in Christ. David Dockery has contributed greatly to the family discussion in this presentation of essays, compiled from two conferences held at Union University, where he presides. The topics addressed are the ones we ought to be discussing, not allowing less important issues to sidetrack us. The present writer was privileged to attend the second of these conferences, and is grateful for the opportunity to review this important book.

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Regarding Dr. Cox’s Post of July 27

SBCToday’s editorial team has conferred regarding a couple of sentences in Dr. Michael Cox’s post on July 27 titled “A Biblical Critique of Calvinism Part 2a: Old Testament Scriptures Teaching the Optional Nature of the Gospel Invitation.”

While we agree that the analogy was intended by Dr. Cox to be illustrative of a significant point, we also are aware that the comparison presented significant offense to others. We must note that, the analogy is not original with Dr. Cox (see CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, works by Norman Geisler and RC Sproul). Further, we have no desire to be insensitive to others -- especially if the analogy is personal -- nor do we want to diminish the informative treatise by Dr. Cox.

To those who moved past the analogy and conversed about other salient points in Dr. Cox’s post, we are grateful. But for those who were offended by the two sentences in question, we offer our sincerest apology to you and ask for your forgiveness. We deeply regret any negative impact; and to illustrate our genuine lament in this matter, we have removed the analogy and the sentence subsequent to it.