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Archive for April, 2012

The Top Blog Posts of the Week

by the Contributing Editors of SBC Today This is a list of recent blog posts which we found interesting.  That we found them interesting doesn’t mean we necessarily agree with or endorse the ideas presented in the posts, but that we found them to be intriguing and thought-provoking.  (They are listed in no particular order […]

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Three Tough Church Situations … and what to do about them.

By Joe McKeever, Preacher, Cartoonist, Pastor, and retired Director of Missions at the Baptist Association of Greater New Orleans. I am not a professional counselor, not an adviser of churches or denominations or pastors as such, and not an expert on problem-solving or conflict management. What I am is a retired preacher and a blogger […]

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What Makes Small Churches Great Churches: Part 5: Faith

Dr. Thomas Douglas Pastor Parkway Baptist Church Kansas City, KS This is the fifth article in the series on the importance of small churches. The previous articles are: The Introduction (an overview and rationale for the series) Part 1: Truth (an overview and rationale for the series) Part 2: Mature Love (the imperative of having […]

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Are We Bootstrap Baptists?

By Ron F. Hale. He has served as Pastor, Church Planter, Strategist (NAMB), Director of Missions, Associate Executive Director of Evangelism and Church Planting for a State Convention, and now in the 4th quarter of ministry as Minister of Missions. It sounds like an All-American axiom: He pulled himself up by his own bootstraps! This […]

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Things That Bear Watching

Bill Harrell has served as Pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in Martinez, Georgia, for over 30 years. He also is active in the Augusta Baptist Association, Georgia Baptist Convention, and SBC, including having serving as the Vice-President of the Georgia Baptist Convention and as Chairman of the SBC Executive Committee. In the short span of […]

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