SBC Pastors Conference

June 22, 2009

All from SBC Today have arrived in Louisville. Let me say that it is great to see all my friends and renew our fellowship with one another. I have also enjoyed seeing many who I interact with in blogville.

Last night I attended the pastors conference. It seems the theme at this year’s pastors conference is the Great Commission Resurgence. The first one up was JD Greear. I heard JD back at Jacksonville at the pastors conference at FBC. After JD preached this sermon a friend of mine who attended Jacksonville made the comment that JD preached the same sermon as he did in Jacksonville (1 Cor. 9), only that he used a different text (Matt 23) to do so this time. I would have to concur with my friend, same message, different text. The one thing that was repeated and that I still have questions about is what are the secondary and tertiary doctrines that we should not divide over? He did mention tongues, but was not specific on other issues.

Next up to bat was Dr. Brunson. I read one blogger’s criticism that Dr. Brunson was yelling loud. Allow me to disagree, I don’t believe Dr. Brunson was yelling, but being passionate about his text in 1 Peter. His message from 1 Peter reflected upon who we should be, a loving and forgiving community seeking unity in Jesus. There were several points I was convicted over in his sermon especially when he talked about retaliation when someone says something against you. Wise words.

One area I did question was when Dr. Brunson seemed to refer to the Great Commission Resurgence and said how can anyone be against the Great Commission. I hope that is not the mantra this year, that if you are critical of the GCR document then you are against the Great Commission. Let me say that all of us at SBC Today are for the Great Commission (Tim Rogers actually did sign the GCR document). While some of us may question some points of the GCR document, we have not wained in our support of Matthew 28:18-20. Even with this, I appreciate Dr. Brunson’s message and passion for preaching God’s Word.

I did not hear much of Chuck Colson’s sermon, but I whole heartily agree with his assessment that the greatest danger we face is the moral vacuum in the church. In my opinion, if morals are to be considered secondary or tertiary and therefore to be left alone, then we will lose our prophetic voice in a dark land. Yes, we need to be a people that supports, loves, and has great unity with one another, but we cannot forgo the commands of Christ in doing so, for that is also part of the gospel message.

I don’t know if I will post again this week, but I look forward to rest of the convention.