Book of Acts Changes Lives

January 16, 2014

Submitted by Brendan Kennedy, SS teacher
Claycomo Baptist Church
Kansas City, Mo.

A couple recently started attending my Sunday school class from out of the blue. They each came from theologically confused backgrounds, the wife from a United Pentecostal (Jesus only) church. I asked the Lord what He was doing in this couple’s life that they would suddenly show up in my class. He put it on my heart that I should immediately stop what we were doing and teach through the book of Acts. I did as I was told, and we got through less than half of the lesson I had prepared because the wife had so many questions about the Holy Spirit and baptism. She later came forward to request baptism at the invitation. The couple joined the church the following Sunday and attend faithfully. I am humbled that God would give me something so specific to do, and then use it to draw this woman to Himself. All glory to God!